Guadalupe Mountains Volksmarch

October, 1997

Carol drove again this year.  We (Carol, Ed, and I) went out  a day early to visit Carlsbad Caverns.  Then on Friday we did a 13K hike to McKittrick Canyon.  It rained most of the way out.  We walked to Pratt's cabin and then on up to a hunter's cabin.  It stopped raining on the way down, but the trail was already slick.  Elevation change:  300 feet. 

Saturday we did another 13K to Apache Springs.  At 3K we passed a ranch house turned museum.  We climbed on up and passed another beautiful spring.  Elevation change:  1,100 feet.

Sunday we were supposed to climb Guadalupe Peak and sign the book, but the park rangers closed the peak due to high winds (40 mph).  So we did Devil's Hall instead.  It was boulder climbing up a dry creek bed.  It was 10K.  It was my favorite walk of the weekend. 

Listed below are links to pictures taken on our 2nd West Texas adventure. These were just thrown in a desk drawer and I came across them. I decided to scan them in and make a webpage to show the fun that can be had with the West Texas Trail Walkers Club

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